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Do you know someone, have a friend, or relative that needs or wants therapy but is unable to afford it?

Do you simply want to help someone out?

Use the "Sponsor A Session" button to donate to the "With Love" fund. These donations are used strictly for clients who are unable to afford sessions. Melanin Mommy Therapy strives to support 1-2 clients at a time with up to 5 free sessions. 

If you would like donation to go to a particular person, please identify that person in the notes of your donation. You can be kept anonymous. 

I am often asked if I am able to receive gifts, However, I am unable to receive monetary gifts. You still have the option to support me, show gratitude or appreciation by clicking the "Buy Me A Coffee" button to donate to Melanin Mommy Therapy. These donations will be used for resources needed to continue to provide excellent service to all of you. 

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