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Why Melanin Mommy Therapy?

I founded Melanin Mommy Therapy with Black Women at the forefront. As a Black Women, we often identify with the feeling of failing when in reality, we are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and so much more. Many people may look at the Black Woman and automatically place her at the bottom of the totem pole and I say that is because we as Black Women are the foundation of so much. We carry so much on our shoulders while being told to be strong and pray on it. 

I founded Melanin Mommy Therapy because I wanted to provide a safe space for Black Women. Many times, when Black Women seek out support, they end up becoming the educators and unable to truly process their feelings.

Since opening my practice, I’ve helped BIPOC women face life’s challenges by helping them understand their own emotional patterns and direct them towards making the right choices. With the right tools, there can be a better outlook on any issues that life brings your way. Don’t know where to start? Give me a call or write me to schedule your first appointment.

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Meet the Team


Karina Bailey, LPC
Owner & Trauma Therapist

Karina graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Psychology, going on to obtain her master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC Campus. Karina has worked in many different areas such as family-based therapy, outpatient, and partial hospitalization. Karina left her clinical supervisor job at a partial hospitalization program, to open her own private practice full time, In 2021. Karina Is a certified clinical trauma professional. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, art and music to help you work through depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, parenting, maternal health, and postpartum. Karina provides education around puberty, getting your period, and sexual education.

Tahirah Stevens-Gaillard
Pre-Licensed Clinician

Tahirah has worked in an educational setting since 2012. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree as well as her Master’s in Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Neuman University. After many years of teaching, she was motivated to find a way to address the trauma that sat in classrooms. Tahirah sought her second master in the hope that she would be able to find a way to help. She desired not only to walk the journey to heal with her students but with their families as well. Now that Tahirah has completed her Master's program, she continues to be drawn to supporting those who live their lives with the baggage of trauma. Tahirah plans to continue to learn and develop her skills and strengthen in trauma therapy, EMDR, spiritual counseling, psychodrama, and narrative therapy.

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Justin Gallashaw
Graduate Clinician

Justin is a current Graduate Student in Neumann University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. As a Graduate Student Clinician, Justin's interests include individual and marriage counseling. Justin also received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Neumann University. Justin has worked in higher education for a year, building interpersonal connections with diverse groups of people. Recently, he began his work as a case manager, providing care and support to college students. Justin's work is rooted in providing a safe and welcoming space for those he is working with. As a growing clinician, Justin is grounded in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), understanding that you (the client) have the power to create your new future.

Justin is currently offering free individual and group therapy. Reach out to find out more!

Our Services

Clinical Supervision

At Melanin Mommy Therapy, We offer clinical supervision to pre licensed clinicians who are looking to become licensed. Together we will review and assess clinical cases, provide insight and guidance on the topics of mental health and counseling, and help you to develop the skills needed to become a licensed clinician. Let's get started on your journey to becoming a licensed clinician today.

Individual Therapy

At Melanin Mommy Therapy, we offer individual therapy sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Each session is tailored to meet your needs and provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore issues, gain insight and clarity, and develop strategies to reach your goals. We strive to provide a warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for growth and healing.

Group Therapy

Groups Offered: - Brotherhood: Beyond the Stigma -We offer free groups, run by the graduate clinicans, reach out for more information Click the group tab to see more and RSVP!

A place for black women to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. Let's break generational silence together!


Is insurance accepted?

Some insurances and EAPs are accepted. Aetna, Cigna, Optum, United health care, Curalinc, Compsych, BHS, Carebridge, Unum. Your insurance card will be needed prior to your first session to verify benefits.

How long is each session?
Sessions are held for either 50 or 90 minutes.  

What forms of payment are accepted?
Portal payments are preferred as it is HIPAA and confidential. Vouchers are accepted upon verification. 

How are sessions held?

Sessions are completely virtual and held through a HIPAA site. 

Sessions are held on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Frequency of sessions is determined during your initial intake appointment. 

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